When finding tupperware in the woods just isn't good enough.


When finding tupperware in the woods just isn't good enough.
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Epic Geocaches

The best of the best. Puzzles, Events, Experiences, and Unbelievable Caches. Find out why we at Epic Geocaching have decided that these stand out and deserve to be honored and shared.


We have compiled lists of the oldest active caches in the world. Here you’ll find every active cache that was hidden in 2000 and maps of the oldest caches in various locations.


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Most pages and write ups have maps associated with them, but if you’re really feeling experimental, check out our Super-Map that features all of the locations on our site.

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About us

Epic Geocaching started as a group of friends from Ohio who wanted to seek out and find the very best geocaching experiences - the epic ones - and we wanted to honor the effort put into creating these by recommending these caches to EVERYONE.

What makes an experience epic?

Epic cache write ups have been experienced by the writers. Read through the various write ups and hopefully that will give you a glimpse of our criteria. In a nutshell, we ask ourselves, "Would an experienced geocacher find it worthwhile, interesting, challenging, and/or unique enough to drive hours to experience this?"

Can I contribute? I know a great geocache everyone should do!

Absolutely! Register and become a member of the site. Profiles are viewable and searchable on our users page, which is why we recommend using your caching name as your username. Tell other members of our tribe about your experiences so we can all enjoy it! Outside of that, the write ups and maps are vetted and discussed by geocachers who want to maintain a high standard of geocache experiences and writing. Feel free to contact us if you believe you carry the same passion, but understand our desire for consistent high quality.

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