When finding tupperware in the woods just isn't good enough.
Light Tunnel

The Labyrinth

Crop circles, strange symbols, and myths about aliens (or ARE they myths?) are the background behind this epic adventure. Something strange is taking place in Durham, North Carolina, and it has nothing to do with the Duke Blue Devils (this time). The Durham Police were baffled by the happenings, but that didn’t keep StumpWater & […]

Old Globes

Oldest Caches in Every State

When considering epic caches, some of the best caches are those that have lasted the longest. These are the caches that have stood the test of time for over 15 years. This means the caches have been maintained, were hidden in locations that are worth visiting, and are hidden in places that have resisted muggles. […]

New York

Culper Junior

Geocaching is inherently location based… a cache owner picks a spot of significance, places a cache, and other players arrive to discover the treasure. But sometimes, in a puzzle cache, the storyline and process to extract coordinates is crafted so exquisitely, the adventure is found right in front of your computer. This is the case […]

Conch Shell

Oldest Caches of Various Categories

Periodically we at Epic Geocaching want to highlight caches that are simply… interesting. These are the caches that you should know about when you’re chatting at events or just hanging out with your caching friends. These won’t be featured on our maps due to inaccessibility, unavailability, or audacity. However, you can click on the links to find […]

Forest Stream

Harry Potter Series by Sonoluminous

“Sonorus!” I wanted to be sure you were able to clearly hear what I have to say about this quest. Wait… I almost forgot. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Good – now I can tell if there are any of Voldemort’s spies lurking about. We wouldn’t want them discovering any part of […]