When finding tupperware in the woods just isn't good enough.
Epic Trailpin

Epic Geocaches

“When finding tupperware in the woods just isn’t good enough.”

This is a map featuring placements we at Epic Geocaching have chosen to honor as “Epic”.

Epic “Epic Geocaches” –  Standalone geocaches that are so far above the norm they have a special place.

Puzzle “Puzzles” – Amazing standalone puzzles that can be solved from anywhere.

Event “Events” – Events that occur regularly that have a theme or purpose that is completely worth the trip.

Event “Experiences” – Groups of geocaches, trails, or geocache placements EVERY geocacher should experience.

Click on the icon… each cache has a writeup that will help you understand why it has been chosen as one of the best of the best. Move around the map, zoom in on areas, and press the “home” button on the left side of the map to return the map to its original state.You can also click the “layers” on the right hand side to choose which types of placements you’d like to see on the map.