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Old Globes

Oldest Caches in Every State

When considering epic caches, some of the best caches are those that have lasted the longest. These are the caches that have stood the test of time for over 15 years. This means the caches have been maintained, were hidden in locations that are worth visiting, and are hidden in places that have resisted muggles. The 50 oldest caches for each of the 50 states in the US are now available on the Regional Antiquities page.

So is every old cache an amazing and epic cache? Of course not. But the chances are significantly raised that the cache involves an enjoyable hike, an interesting final location, or an innovative hiding technique.

On the main Regional Antiquities page you will see clickable icons indicating there are 50 caches listed for each state. When you click the link within the icon, it takes you to that state’s map, where you will see where each oldie is hidden. Beneath the map you will see all of the caches listed in order of publication, with names, GC codes, dates, and sometimes other interesting facts about the caches.

Shawnee Lookout

Looking through the various regions/states, you’ll discover lots of interesting tidbits. Did you know that the oldest mystery cache in the world is also the oldest cache in North Carolina, the oldest cache in New Mexico is the oldest letterbox hybrid, and that the second oldest cache in Georgia is the oldest active¬†multicache? In Ohio, there are 2 caches that are considered the oldest because for one of them (ancient lake) the listed hidden date indicates that the cache was hidden a year before it was published on geocaching.com, while Shawnee Lookout clearly has the earlier GC code. Pennsylvania has a similar discrepancy, but the cache description on State Game Lands #109 indicates that cache was hidden 4 months before it was listed. And in Montana there are two oldest caches – both hidden and listed by the same cacher at the same time.

It is our hope at Epic Geocaching that this new tool will be useful to you as you plan out your geocaching excursions, and as you explore the history of geocaching in your area and the areas around you.

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